Thursday, August 20, 2009

Global Recess Founder, Emarie on Project Runway Tonight!!!

Global Recess founder and fashion model Emarie Wiltz, is a cast member on Project Runway and Models of the Runway. Both shows air tonight on Lifetime! 10PM ET/PT and 11 ET/PT

About Emarie:

Erica "Emarie" Wiltz is a young woman on the rise; a proud mother and a native New Orleanian, an accomplished model and an up-and-coming entrepreneur, a New York University marketing major and a warm-hearted humanitarian. She has traveled working as a model both domestically in the United States and as far away as Southeast Asia. Wiltz also appears as a cast member on the sixth season of “Project Runway” and the debut season of the show’s spin-off, “Models of the Runway” on Lifetime. Wiltz has used her successes as a model to step behind the scenes of the fashion industry. The results: marketing management for Fortune 500 fashion companies, the production of advertising campaigns featured in New York City’s Times Square and the production of countless numbers of fashion shows. Now, Wiltz’s energy is focused on her own company, Global Recess.

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