Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fatal Promises

Yesterday I went to a screening of the film, Fatal Promises. (
Fatal Promises is an in-depth look into the scourge of Human Trafficking. Through personal stories of victims of trafficking and interviews with politicians, non-governmental organizations and activists, Fatal Promises cleverly juxtaposes the brutal realities of Human Trafficking suffered by victims and battled by activists, with the hollow rhetoric of politicians and pundits who claim to be making significant strides in combating this horrific crime against humanity. Fatal Promises features interviews with Kevin Bales, Gloria Steinman, Emma Thompson and others.
It was a very powerful documentary that gave the viewer a glimpse into the stories of victims of trafficking, both men and women. These victims told their stories of being given false promises for a better life, only to be trapped, sexually exploited, and forced into labor. The women were raped several times a week, forced to work in adult men’s clubs, and forced to sleep with multiple men. If they didn’t meet financial goals, they were abused or murdered. The men also suffer, being forced into harsh labor in unbearable living conditions with no food for days at a time.
This is a harsh but true reality. This illegal and inhumane activity MUST BE STOPPED.

For every "Stop Human Trafficking" T-shirt or tank you buy, Global Recess will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Project to End Human Trafficking (PEHT). PEHT's work includes direct service to victims, educational outreach, anti-trafficking coalition building as well as collaborations with other national and international anti-trafficking organizations.


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